(01)How is prosperity defined in the Bible?

(A)What is Word-Faith?

   Word-Faith is also known as Word of Faith, the Prosperity Gospel,

   Prosperity Theology, Health and Wealth Gospel, [Name it and

   Claim it], [Positive Confession].

    Its central doctrine is that worldly health and prosperity are

   promised to all believers, and are available through faith,

   though this is never explicitly stated in the Bible.


(B) First of all, let us see how “prosperity” is defined in

   the Bible.

1.In the Bible, prosperity is defined as everything GOOD

   that comes from God’s hand. 


2.Indeed, the first use of the word towb, the Hebrew word

   translated as [prosperity] is from God’s mouth in Genesis 1:4:

    [God saw the light, that it was GOOD].


3.Not only does towb describe God’s good gifts of creation;

    it describes God Himself. In Exodus 33:19, Yahweh promises

   Moses, [I Myself will make all My GOODNESS (towb) pass

   before you…].


4.In other words, Moses would witness all of God’s BEAUTY,


   would pass by in his presence. Towb is one of Yahweh’s own

   characteristics, not just a gift that God gives. 


5.Perhaps Paul gives the best definition of towb in Philippians

   4:8: [Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right,

   whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable..]

   This is the prosperity God wants for us, and it derives

   from being with in intimate relationship with Him.


6.So when you see [prosperity] as you read your Bible, don’t

   think exclusively in material terms. The prosperity God

   desires for you is far bigger than material wealth. 

   It is the joy that results from God’s presence in your life. 

   It is abundant life in God.



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