(04)Whose Power is it?

1.Much of the Word-Faith theology is NOT based on the Bible

   but on the teaching of New Thought.

2.New Thought, as defined in the dictionary, is a modern spiritual

   philosophy stressing the power of right thinking in a person’s life,

   the idea that our thoughts and attitudes affect our experience.

   New Thought claims that we can change our life by changing

   our thinking and that our life follows our thoughts.

3.As claimed by New Thought, sickness and suffering ultimately

   have their origin in incorrect thinking. Adherents of New Thought

   are taught to visualize health and wealth, and then affirm or

   confess them with their mouths so that the intangible images may

   be transformed into tangible realities. This metaphysical concept

   of the power of thoughts (mind) has been incorporated into

   Word-Faith teaching as the [force of faith].

4.Our thoughts have no power of their own. If our thinking is

   inspired by the Holy Spirit, the power belongs to the Holy Spirit.

   To accredit our thoughts with power is to take glory that belongs

   to God alone. Philippians 2:13: [for it is God who works in you to

   will and to act according to his good purpose].

5.The biblical truth is that the Holy Spirit is the Third PERSON0

   in the Trinity who empowers the believer to do God’s will.

   God uses the believer.

6.However, the Word-Faith preachers claim that the thoughts of

   the believer have power as they see the Holy Spirit only as a

   power ( not a Person ) to be put to use for whatever the believer

   wills. The Word-Faith followers are taught to use God.

   But the question is: Will the almighty God allow Himself to be

   used by man?


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