(06)Word-Faith(Prosperity Gospel) is heresy

1.The Prosperity Gospel, also known as Word-of-Faith, is heresy

   and is a serious threat to the Church, because it is assaulting

   Christianity from WITHIN the Church.

2.Many people in the church are unaware that the Word-Faith

   preachers are teaching false doctrines that flatly contradict

   the Word of God. One reason is that these preachers are very

   skilful in twisting Scripture. The other reason for this lack

   of discernment is that many people in the church think

   that questioning the preacher is synonymous with [showing

   disrespect for him]. They are unaware that Scripture encourages

   us to test all teachings by the written Word of God

   (2 Timothy 3:16).

3.The leaders in the Word of Faith Movement claimed that they

   received their teachings by direct revelation from God. Therefore,

   to oppose them is to oppose God.

4.They reinterpret Christian doctrines in order to fit them into

   their own peculiar theological systems. These reinterpretations

   are often derived from [revelation knowledge] which are special

   revelations supposedly from God, given specifically to the few

   leaders in the Word-of-Faith Movement . Placing the authority

   of [revelation knowledge] ABOVE the authority of Scripture is

   one reason why Word-of-Faith preachers often blatantly

   contradict Scripture.

5.As Christians, we accept the biblical mandate that the whole Bible

   is the Word of God and anything not in accord with the Word

   of God must be rejected.

6.The Prosperity Gospel, is a heresy. It is NOT the gospel of Jesus

   Christ, although Word-Faith preachers use the same terminology

   as Christians.

7.The Word-Faith preachers speak of [god], [lord Jesus], [holy spirit],

   [atonement], [faith] in their sermons. However, their [god] is not the

   same as our GOD; their [Jesus] is not the same as our LORD JESUS;

   their [holy spirit] is not the same as the HOLY SPIRIT indwelling

   in us; their [faith] is not the same as our [FAITH]; their [atonement]

   is not the same as our [ATONEMENT]. The same terms are being

   used by both Christians and Word-Faith preachers , but they carry

   different meanings.

8.It is therefore the responsibility of informed Christians to point

   out the errors of the prosperity gospel (Word of Faith doctrines)

   in the hope that those who have been deceived by it will be restored

   to [……..the faith that was once for all delivered to the saints]

   (Jude 3).


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