(03)As a Preacher of Positive Mental Attitude

Positive Mental Attitude is a teaching of the Word-of-Faith

Doctrine. The positive mental attitude promoted in Joel Osteen’s

books has its background in the Word-of-Faith doctrines.

Positive Confession, Positive Mental Attitude(PMA), 

Prosperity Gospel and The New Age

Linked to the Positive Confession movement is the concept of

Positive Mental Attitude (PMA). PMA has become the major

link between sorcery and Christianity. It is the human potential

movement that incorporates the age old Eastern mystique that

all men can acquire godhood, that “we can achieve

anythingwe conceive.”


But the Bible says: “With God all things are possible.”

Positive Mental Attitude, however, declares:

“With man all things  are possible,” which means either

that we do not need God or that we are God.


Paul said, “I can do all things through Him

[Christ] who strengthens me.”

The New Age and Positive Mental Attitude, “Christ”

is a state ofconsciousness rather than a historic


The Christian has a positive attitude not because

he believes in the power of positive thinking, but

because he is trusting in God.

The Positive Mental  Attitude that is promoted in

today’s New Agehowever, is based upon humanistic

psychology’s first article of faith: “Human potential is


The real Christian is happy and positive in all

circumstances because he believes that God, who

alone is infinite, loves and cares for him.

These two concepts — Christian and Positive Mental

Attitude are mutually contradictory, in spite of the

sincere people who believe they are the same thing

expressed in different language.

Those directly responsible for bringing Positive Mental

Attitude into the professing church are Norman Vincent Peale

and Robert Schuller. Napoleon Hill and W. Clement Stone,

the originators or the Positive Mental Attitude concept,

talk about “God” in their books, but their “God” is a

metaphysical “Divine Power” that can be tapped into

through mind-power techniques (from visualization to

positive self-talk and other forms of self-hypnosis and

self-image psychology).

Hill and Stone don’t substitute Positive Mental Attitude

for faith, but promote an even more dangerous idea:

that Positive Mental Attitude and faith are one and the

same, that believing in the power of the mind is somehow

the same as believing in God; that the human mind is

some kind of magic talisman that wields a metaphysical

force with infinite potential because, somehow, it is part

of what they call Infinite Intelligence. This is the “God”

of the mind-science cults and of the New Age.

Positive Mental attitude is the sugar coating.

The poisonous core is the positive confession.

The Positive Confession is best summarized in the words

of John Osteen, the father of Joel Osteen. John Osteen

was a big crusader for the error of positive confession. 

This is a metaphysical belief that we can either create or

change our reality by the power of our words, for example

he stated the following:

When they say like they did to Smith Wigglesworth,

“How are you feeling today?” He said “Listen, I don’t ask

my body how it’s feeling; I tell it how to feel.” And your

words should not be to describe the situation; your words

should be given to change the situation. And so,

read it, meditate upon it, and speak it.

I am the sum total of what I have been confessing through

the years. My children are the best children that ever lived

on the face of the earth.  They are blessed of God.  They are

the sum total of what Dodie and I have confessed and

loved them into being.


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