(15)Giving for Rewards

(A)Giving for Rewards

1.The driving force behind the emphasis of the Word-Faith

   preachers on [Giving] is what they refers to as the

   [Law of  Compensation].

2.In Mark 10:29-30, Jesus stated, [Assuredly, I say to you, there

   is no one who has left house or brothers or sisters or father or

   mother or wife or children or lands, for My sake and the gospel’s

   who shall not receive a hundredfold now in this time- houses

   and brothers and sisters and mothers and children and lands,

   with persecutions – and in the age to come, eternal life].

3.According to this law, which is supposedly based on Mark

   10:30, the followers of Word-of-Faith need to give generously

   to others because when they do, God gives back more in

   return. This, in turn, leads to a cycle of ever-increasing

   prosperity. In short, Mark 10:30 is a very good deal. It is

   evident that the Word-Faith doctrine of giving is built

   upon faulty motives.

4.If in faith one [sows] a financial gift to a Christian

   ministry, then that person is guaranteed to [reap] a hefty

   financial return for himself.

5.Whereas Jesus taught His disciples to [give, hoping for

   nothing in return], Word-Faith preachers teach their

   followers to give because they will get a great return.

6.Galatians 6:7:[Do not be deceived: God is not mocked,

   for whatever one sows, that will he also reap].

   The concept of sowing and reaping is popular in faith

   circles. Using Gal 6:7, the Word-of-Faith preachers explain

   that by planting a financial seed into a ministry, the believer

   can name what it is that they want in return and believe that

   they shall receive it. Failure to be specific in naming what is

   hoped for can result in a failure to receive a harvest.

7.Gal 6:7 cannot used to support the seed-faith concept

   of the faith movement. Rather than appealing to an

   individual’s greed (Gal 6:8) , in context the passage is

   clearly encouraging people to crucify all selfish

   desires (Gal 5:21, 24) and serve one another selflessly

   (Gal 6:9-10 )

8.The TV evangelists, whose particular con is the prosperity

   gospel, are the folks you see on TV (US) constantly telling

   their credulous followers that if they’ll just send them money,

   their [gift of faith] will be returned to them, not by the

   ministry but by God,  ten-fold (or one-hundred fold,

   depending on the day of the week).

9.Their selling point is that you have to [plant your seed of

   faith] by sending money to the ministry. Then once you

   do that, you can reap what you have sown and God will bless

   you with [overwhelming abundance].And they sell it 

   with anecdotes of people who got just that.

10.After all, if a million people send money, a few of them,

   by sheer coincidence, will have something happen that brings

   them money. But of course, this only happens in a tiny

   percentage of cases, and by utter coincidence.

11.When the blessings don’t come, the explanation given

   on television is : Your faith wasn’t strong enough.

   And that is always the excuse for why this celestial short-term

   investment scheme doesn’t work 99% of the time: your faith

   isn’t strong enough. And how do they know that your faith

   isn’t strong enough? Why, you didn’t get blessed.

   What more proof do you need?

12.On the other hand, what’s the difference between this

   and any other fraudulent confidence scheme? Does it

   magically transform from fraud into protected

   activity because we slap the label [religion] on it?  

13.And on the still other hand, do we really want the

   government deciding which religious claims rise

   to the level of consumer fraud? After all, one could

   credibly argue that all religion is false and all religious claims

   fraudulent. It’s not an easy problem. 

14.But one thing is sure: these people are frauds and

   con men, utterly dishonest con men preying on the

    credulity and ignorance of their followers. They are

   vile human beings and they deserve to be called out

   for it.


(B)[Planting her seed of faith] by Tricia Tillin

   The following are excerpts from an article entitled

   [My Word of Faith Testimony] by Tricia Tillin

   at the following website about [planting her seed

   of faith].


1.The money problem will seem familiar to anyone who has gone

   down this path. Jon and I longed to be able to pay off our debts,

   to make ends meet, and to end the ceaseless worry about money

   matters. We knew the theory – send your ten percent tithe

   every month to your Church or ministry as your seed,

   and expect God to bless you financially. And give beyond

   that title as a love offering, even if you can’t afford it,

   because God will repay.

2.Oh yes, we knew the theory, and we believed it absolutely.

   Nobody can criticise us for sowing in doubt. We faithfully sowed

   our seeds of money, and we tithed every single month, ten

   percent of our income. The trouble is, we simply could not

   afford to give away that much every month. It made no

   economic sense whatsoever. We were giving out of our need,

   as they say, but never reaping. Strange.

3.God did bless us in our ignorance and he kept us afloat,

   but as for [the hundredfold] – where was it? Not that we

   looked for reward, but it would have been nice to make ends

   meet occasionally.

4.It was a black day for me when we finally admitted we

   could no longer afford to give away so much of our

   income. That is anathema to the Faith teaching! What?

   Not give your ten percent tithe? But the Bank Manager,

   and simple common sense, warned us to pull back

   before we lost the house and everything.

5.In my small perception, God was the great Provider

   who was forced by His own Word to give us everything

   we asked for, so long as we couched it in biblical promises.

6.Word-of-Faith doctrines in effect demand that God

   conform to our own perception of what was good

   for us, and it removed from God the ability to make

   independent decisions in our lives, and to work all

   things together for good in the long run.

7.In the Faith movement, we had been taught that God could

   do nothing without our believing prayer. So the teaching

   was that God could not move nor answer prayer except

   we released Him by our faith. A God who acted

   independently was somewhat confusing to us.

8.Several months passed before we realised one

   tremendous thing that God HAD done for us.

   (I think it was one of those days when God looked down

   on his foolish, innocent ones and had mercy.

   Oh how great is his love and pity!).

9.The cheque which we had given to the Word-Faith ministry

   was never cashed! Either it was lost in the mail, or the

   ministry didn’t cash it for some reason. Whatever, the money

   was never taken from our overdrawn bank account.

   Praise God.

10.Thinking about this, I had a spiritual insight about God’s

   way of working. HE had taken the initiative, to do

   something I had neither prayed for, sought for nor

   known about.

11. There were no positive confessions of the Word that caused

   Him to act on our behalf. He simply did so in a sovereign

   way. And, He’d done something that my own mind and

   my own flawed human understanding could not have

   anticipated. God was outside my understanding,

   acting of His own sovereign will. He did not NEED

   my confessions or spoken words to do what he’d done

   for me on that day.




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