(21)It is time for action!

   What should we do after going through the major heretical

   teachings of the Word-of-Faith doctrines?

   Richard J. Vincent  made the following suggestions: 


(A)What should we do? I see at least three things that can be

   done and they are not minor operations. When a cancer

   is first recognized in a body, the procedure to remove it is

   quick, easy, and relatively painless if the cancer has been

   caught in its early stages. But when a cancer has gone

   unnoticed for years and has been allowed to nurture and

   infiltrate an entire body, then the procedure to remove it

   will be much more complicated, slow, and painful. The

   Word-Faith teaching is a spiritual cancer that

   has infiltrated the church to its very marrow.

   We must take action now and it will not be pleasant.


(B)First, the most obvious thing to do is to not support any

   of these ministries monetarily. Don’t watch any of the

   Word-Faith teachers programs and encourage and warn

   others to do the same. Don’t buy their books.

   If your local Christian bookstore carries their material

   let them know that you will not frequent their stores

   if they continue to carry this spiritual cancer.


(C)Second, take a stand for Jesus! Why won’t the church

   take a stand? I have asked myself that question over and

   over. Are we afraid to attack evil in the supposed

   name of unity? Is it that we are so far gone that we don’t

   figure that it matters what you believe as long as you

   [love Jesus]? If so, let’s quit calling other religions false

   and accept the cults into our fold. Let’s bring in the

   Jehovah’s Witnesses who love their Jesus (even though

   to them he is the archangel Michael, the first and greatest

   created being). Let’s bring in the Mormons, and the

   Unitarians, etc. Let’s say good-bye to the creeds and

   sound doctrine. Let’s forget the stern warnings of the

   Apostle Paul to beware of false teachers and false doctrine

   which spreads like gangrene. Let’s all just [love Jesus]

   (whoever that Jesus might be to us)?


(D) NO! We cannot forget the creeds, we will not abandon

   truth. We must obey our Lord when He tells us to

   [Beware of the false prophets, who come to you

   in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravenous

   wolves. You will know them by their fruits]

   (Mat. 7:15-16). The fruit of the Word-Faith teachers is

   none other than the fruit that the devil deceived our

   ancient mother Eve with. It is still as deadly and still

   as putrid in God’s sight as it was then. The Word-Faith

   teachers and their movement must be actively

   opposed and rejected as non-Christian! Who will

   stand for Christ?


(E)Third, this would not have come about if more Christians

   knew their Bible and what it taught. This would not

   have come about if more Christians knew what the Bible

   has to say about the nature of man, the nature of God,

   the doctrine of the trinity, etc. It is time to return to

   teaching sound doctrine so that the common

   Christian man can be armed against error. It is time

   to study the great foundational doctrines of our faith

   so that we won’t be deceived by religious charlatans.

   Doctrine is not just for theologians. Words like

   propitiation, sanctification, justification, trinity, incarnation,

   predestination, redemption, etc. are not just useless

   theological words but are the very foundations of the



(F)It’s time to use our minds again. It’s time to quit

   being so emotional, mystical, and man-centered

   in our doctrine. It’s time that Christians took some

   in-depth journeys into the wonder of the Holy Scriptures

   to find out about truth and reality.


(G)Do you want a vibrant growing faith? Search the Scriptures.

   Do you seek truth, real truth? The kind of truth that

   infiltrates every area of your life with purpose and

   meaning and joy! You won’t find it on a TV station.

   You’ll find it when you spend time alone in an attitude of

   worship and prayer with an open Bible and the very God of

   the Universe teaching you and loving you through His

   blessed Holy Spirit applying His most Holy word directly

   to your life. Theology is not always entertaining

   but it is always enriching. It is a lot easier to turn

   on that TV and turn off your mind but you’ll be at a loss

   because of it, and you will miss out on one of the most

   wonderful blessings of life: communion with the

   Living Lord.


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